Payment Methods


Service expenses makes from the balance of personal account in BILLmanager.
Terms of making a payment:
For legal entities:
  1. Via Bank Transfer. (Please, be so kind to sign in bill invoice numder at bank transfer order for automatic payment) .

For individuals:

  1. For individuals: Via payment system WebMoney by making a transfer from R-, Z- or E- wallet (Attention! Please make payments through only after adding new bill in "Credits/payments" menue of Billmanager and click at "Payment" button for transfer to Straight payments from Webmoney wallet could not be receipted and you can loose your money).
  2. Via payment system 2CheckOut (Credit cards).
  3. Via payment system Qiwi.
  4. Via payment system Interkassa.
  5. Via payment system PayPal.
  6. Via Bank Transfer from your Client bank (Please, sign in bill invoice numder at bank transfer order for payment)..
! Payment systems could be changed, actual data is listed in the billing system



Goods and services are provided not by the order of presentatives of WebMoney Transfer company. CISHost is independent vendor and service provider fixing prices by itself. Entities, using WebMoney Transfer system nither payed charge nor obtain reward for providing services and don't held responsibility for payment system sales or other activity.

Certification carried out by WebMoney Transfer proves only CISHost's contacts and certifies the identity. It takes at CISHost's option and don't signify any connections with sales of WebMoney payment system operators. is a worldwide leader in online payment services




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