How to change DNS-records to the own


Our DNS: and

The problem involves creation of new NS-records with preferred name (ex.: and

1. Enter ISPmanager control panel, "Domain names" menue, double click on the sting with the domain or, as equal, just select it and press the button "Records":



2. Before making corrective actions with NS-records it is necessary to add corresponsive A-records ns1 (ip and ns2 (ip In DNS record management press the button "New" and add A-records


[ To check current ip-address type nslookup и nslookup at command line interpreter (cmd.exe)] 

3. Next step change the settings of current NS-servers: click at the line with NS-record and press "Edit" button, change Address or domain name on preferred and press "Ok".


4 As the result we have following DNS-records:



5. In the last step we have to change DNS in conrol panel of your domain name registratior. If you registered domain in CISHost than enter BILLmanager system, "Domain names", select domain and press "Edit" button, pass to"DNS servers" tab and tipe DNS with IP, check the box "Edit the selected domain NS", press "ОК". Wait until the end of renew information about domain records (from 4 up to 24 hours).



If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask them through ticket system of Support Center (Billmanager – Support – Open tickets – button «New»)


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